Canadian dairies: Kelowna, gateway to the Okanagan valley

Hello there!

A beautiful sunny morning with clear blue sky and fresh air of the valley. Writing to you all from a beautiful city Kelowna, the gateway to the stunning Okanagan valley. The city is located right on the Okanagan lake with picturesque views of lush green hills surrounding the city.

Set in British Columbia’s wine country, good food and drink are central to Kelowna, along with golfing, skiing and boating on the lake. Go wine or cider tasting, shop at an orchard fruit stand, cycle and hike. It’s a perfect city for a laid back weekend getaway.

Scroll down to know the places to visit and activities to do in and around kelowna.

1. Kelowna is a big attraction for water sports in summer like parasailing, kayaking, canoeing  and also you can rent a boat or a yacht to enjoy the Okanagan lake and it’s beauty.



2. Wine tours are a must if you’re a wine lover and even if you’re not you will surely develop a taste for it once you take a guided wine tour. It was my first real wine tasting experience and I enjoyed it so much that next on the blog I’m going to post all about it soon.






3. Rent a car or a bike and drive down from Kelowna to Penticton for an amazing drive by the side of the Okanagan lake. The small towns that you will hit on the road are Westbank, Peachland, Summerland and then Penticton. On the way, along with the scenic view of the river and hills, you will also find many orchards and vineyards. Make sure to stop by at some of the fruit stands and enjoy the fresh fruits.



4. Make sure to visit the Kangaroo Creek Farm. It’s a beautiful old farm that houses kangaroos, Ostriches, Peacocks, Goats, llama and many exotic birds. But the main attraction surely remains the Kangaroos. Now you might think it’s a mini zoo sort of a thing for kids, but that’s not exactly how it is. It’s an open farm where these animals are allowed to roam freely and you even get to feed them and anyway who wouldn’t like to meet cute kangaroos. So do visit this place and give the child in you a little treat.😉








5. Spend your evenings strolling down the streets of downtown which is all lit up with lamps and lights in the evenings. There are some amazing cafes and rooftop restaurants that you must check out.








Well apart from the above mentioned activities you can dine in at some of the local rooftop restaurants in downtown offering breathtaking view of the Okanagan lake along with delicious food. Being a nature lover I completely enjoyed my stay in this beautiful lake city, I hope you guys do as well 😊.

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