New year, new look ;)

Hello there!

Cheers to the new year and new beginnings. The year 2019 has officially begun and the first week has passed already. But quite sure the holiday hangover is still there, LoL. The one thing I absolutely love about the starting time of the year is the high doze of optimism in the air, everyone planning and trying to hold on to their new year resolutions and looking forward for new projects and aspiring to change things as compared to last year. Now some of you, being a little cynical, often tend to believe that nothing really changes and people don’t even hold on to their resolutions for more than a week or two. But why be so cynical and create a negative environment around. In fact, a big shout out to those honestly trying to bring a change in their lives and working towards inner and mental piece. Well if you ask me this year my resolution is to focus on self love and self growth. Putting all my energies towards building a positive environment, embracing the little things(of joy or a new challenge) that life throws my way and also a lot of travel and new projects at the work front, keeping the negative elements at bay.

So looking forward to the this year, let’s move on to our first blog post of the year and the fourth winter look of the season. As promised in the last post, I’m back with plaids for another high style statement look. This look is inspired from semi formal office wear. Here I’ve paired a knee length plaid pencil skirt with a black semi shimmer top with knee length black boots. To add a quotient of style and complete the look I’ve added a plaid statement short jacket, giving a stylish semi formal vibe, something you can easily club for your semi-formal official gatherings. Scroll down for the complete look and outfit details.

Plaid skirt – Bershka                                                                                                                     Black top – Calvin Klein                                                                                                               Plaid Jacket – G K Couture                                                                                                             Boots – Customised







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