Magic behind the perfect curls!

This piece is dedicated to all the girls with curly, wavy hair. As gorgeous as they look, it’s hell of a task to actually get those entangled curls to behave themselves. Myself being one of those with naturally curly hair, I can totally understand the pros and cons of it. It’s actually not that difficult to get the perfect curls if you know the right tricks. In fact in my experience it’s almost effortless and the harder you try to get your natural curls in control the wilder and misbehaved they’ll get. You just need to understand the nature of your hair and the fact that anything that goes for normal straight hair might not be fit for your curls.

So here I have shortlisted a few tricks and products, straight from my heart and personal experience, that can help you get those beautiful salon ready curls at home.


1. The first and foremost rule with curly hair is to NEVER USE A COMB. Yes, you got it right. Never try to tame your curls with a comb, it’ll only make them frizzy and it might end up looking like a bird’s nest. Instead use your fingers, it’ll prevent breakage and also maintain the shape of your curls.

2. The nature of curly hair and their requirements for a healthy survival are very different as compared to that of normal straight hair. Any products, shampoos or conditioners with sulphate and silicon in them are a big NO for curly hair. Using such products will only make your hair dead and frizzy. So before buying your next shampoo and other hair products please check the contents and make sure it doesn’t contain sulphate and silicon.

3. After a hair-wash always apply a serum or cream on damp hair and scrunch your curls with hands. It’ll help lock in the moisture and give you the perfect frizz free curls. But again make sure it doesn’t contain any amount of sulphate or silicon. 

4. Never ever use heat on your hair. Never blow dry your hair, instead always prefer air drying. No matter however tempting it gets, you need to stop blow drying or using ironing rods to get straight frizz free hair. It’s just a temporary solution and will only damage your hair way too much. 


5. Moisture for any type of hair is very important. But in case of curly hair it’s the lifeline. Moisture is the key factor that helps you get those naturally healthy and beautiful curls. After washing your hair, wring out the water with a cotton t-shirt or replace you regular towel with a micro-fibre towel. It’ll help lock in moisture in your hair unlike a regular towel which will absorb too much water and moisture out of the hair. 


6. Apply coconut oil all over your hair as a deep conditioner before showering, or for very dry hair, rub coconut oil on the ends when styling for extra shine. Coconut oil is always a very healthy product for hair as well as skin.



7. When letting your hair dry, try piling your hair into a loose bun or ponytail on top of your head. This will prevent gravity from pulling your curls out and causing frizz.

Curly hair is for sure a little tricky to manage but you will fall in love with your hair once you follow these simple tricks and notice positive changes in the texture of your hair. Be ready to get compliments for those lovely curls on daily basis 😉 













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