Summer essentials

Summer, especially Indian summer can really get to you as the temperature in some parts of the country rises up to 45 degrees Celsius. Its getting hotter day by day and we’re all looking for ways to keep it cool. Minimalist is the key to get through this hot summer. Minimal makeup, jewelry, easy brezzy clothing and some essential products that would help you survive successfully through this sweltering heat.

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Whether you’re off to work, or an outdoor meeting or just shopping with your friends, don’t step out of the house without these summer handbag essentials listed below:

1. Sunscreen – Sunscreen is absolutely the most important item in your summer bag. The lotion only works when it’s reapplied as instructed, and the best way to ensure its reapplication is to have it with you at all times! Toss a bottle (or a spray can) into your bag and you won’t have to worry about when you are going to be exposed to the sun. Pick the one with a SPF 30 to 50.


2. Oil Absorbing Sheets – The worst part of summer is the sweat that starts taking over you the moment you step outside the air-conditioning. Oil absorbing sheets are literally a lifesaver in such situations. They simply soak up the sweat and any shine on the face, while leaving your makeup perfectly in place.


3. Compact Powder – It’s peak summer and therefore, a big NO to full heavy makeup but you can always carry a Mattepowder. After blotting with the papers discussed above, pat a little on to calm down the sheen. The goal is to glow, not glisten. As an added bonus, look for a powder that has some SPF in it. While it certainly won’t take the place of your sunscreen, it’s a great go-to in a pinch.


4. Lip product with SPF – Just like we need a good SPF sunscreen to protect our skin, our lips need protection as well from the harmful UV rays. There are many options available from balm to gloss, you can pick whatever suits you best. I personally prefer Neutrogena lip soother with SPF 20. You can also go for Maybelline’s lip smooth color and care. It’s a refreshing tinted lip balm with SPF 16.


5. Facial Wipes – While oil-absorbing sheets and a great powder will usually do the trick, sometimes you just need to start from scratch. After a long, sweaty day in the sun, you will be thankful to have some facial wipes on hand. These provide a quick and easy way to refresh yourself as you transition from day to night.



6. Mini Deodorant – Another drawback of summer is the unavoidable perspiration that comes along with the hot humid weather. Curb it with some deodorant or speed stick or roll on deodorants. Pick whatever suits you the best.


7. Sunglasses – Just like our skin, eyes need to be highly protected from the harmful UV rays and what better way than some nice stylish sunglasses. Ditching sunglasses can harm the skin around your eyes resulting in wrinkles and freckles, making your skin look older and age faster. So always carry a shades while stepping out of the house, no matter what.


8. Mini Water-bottle – It is absolutely essential to stay hydrated in the summer, which is where a water bottle comes in. In the dead heat, you will lose water much faster than normal, plus, let’s face it, many of us probably don’t drink enough water to begin with. You may want to consider adding a few slices of cucumber, mint and lemon to the water(don’t squeeze in the juice, just add a few slices) as it is more refreshing and keeps you cool in the heat. Plus it is also good for a healthy skin.



While these are some of my “can’t do without products” for summer, I’m sure you must be having a list of your own as well. Please do share your thoughts in the comments section! 🙂





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  1. Shubeg says:

    Great tips !!!

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    Very useful information. Thank you.

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  3. Ajay Vashist says:

    very well written

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