Fasten your seat belt people

There’s something about airports that always excites me like a small kid. Like a night before any travel how some of us flip-flop in our beds, too excited or anxious to be able to sleep. Same happens with me especially when it comes to air travel. I always prefer reaching the airport well in advance so that I can take a stroll in the duty-free section and enjoy a cup of starbucks (and never able to leave empty handed, lol). There’s so much more that attracts me to these airports, the ambience, the hustle and bustle, watching people walk past with their carryon baggage and every person with a different destination to reach and a different story to tell. Sitting in the waiting lounge area, waiting for my boarding which doesn’t start in another one hour, I can’t help but wonder what story people around me have. Where are they going and to whom?

There’s an old man sitting next to me in his mid-sixties. He seems to be travelling alone, maybe he’s on his way home to his wife or maybe he was here for the weekend to meet his grandchildren and now going back alone. There’s a bunch of young excited boys right in the front row. And by the sound of their cheerful voices it seems they are on their way to Goa for a thrilling boys’ trip. There’s also an old couple sitting to my extreme right, the lady holding her husband’s hand with a worrisome look on her face. I wonder where their kids are, is there no one taking care of them? Different people with different stories and I’m keen on knowing it all. Oh and just passed me a newlywed couple (the girl wearing a choora) probably on their way to their honeymoon as they look all excited and lost in their own world.

And here I am, judging or rather observing all sorts people crossing my way and what’s my story here? Well I’m on my way to Shillong, capital of Meghalaya. It’s a short break from work, with my parents. It’s been very long since I have actually gone for a holiday with them. So I have been quite thrilled about this one, especially as it has always been a place on bucket list.

As much as I love airports, I loath airplanes. An airplane ride is always too tiring and uncomfortable (well we all can’t afford the business class). As much as I can’t wait to get to the airport, I can’t even wait to get off an airplane. But the thought of reaching the beautiful hills of Shillong and away from my routine life takes away all the negative thoughts about the plane ride. I can’t wait to explore the streets of the eastern most beauty of India and share my experience with you guys. So stay tuned as I will soon be uploading pictures and details of my Eastern expedition.

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