White Button-down Shirt

When it comes to styling and trying on a different look, we always tend to underestimate that basic white button-down shirt(which is not so basic), we all have in the back of our closet. Even as die-hard fashion fans, when we take stock of our closets, we know there are some trends that just might not make it through to the next season. That’s never been the case with our white button-down shirts — we can say with some confidence that this piece will be around forever.

There’s more than just one or two ways to carry a formal white shirt. Scroll down for some styling tips that would suit different occasions whether its a casual day outing, a brunch with friends or a formal evening cocktail.


1. Untucked with boyfriend jeans 



2. Tucked in with a formal pants or formal skirt for an office look. You can also pair it with a mid-calf length skirt(right-hand side pic). 



3. Top it with a blazer and shorts.  



4. With a Black long skirt – you can choose any type of long skirt, a sleek fit maxi skirt, a pleated semi-formal skirt, or flared skirt. 



5. Pair it with a printed flared long skirt for a casual brunch or day out with friends. 



7. Open and knotted.



These are a few basic styling tips that are always handy and good to go for any summer occasion. Get going, try a few and get back to me if some more new styling ideas pop up in your mind while playing around that not so basic white button down.

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  1. BPSharma says:

    Nice one..


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