We the WOMEN

It’s that day of the year again when we celebrate, cherish and acknowledge the achievements of the modern day women. For many people, there was a keen awareness that there has been a major shift in the society when it came to gender parity, treatment of women at workplace and sexual dynamics.

But what are we really celebrating? In majority of the world women are still struggling to make their mark in the society, toiling away at jobs with lesser pay as compared to their male counterparts, quitting their jobs and career to raise their children(because men can’t share the household responsibilities). Even in the “modern era”, there are families where a girl is raised and taught to sacrifice, adjust and surrender her dreams for the sake of her family. In families with weak financial conditions, sisters are expected to quit their schooling, so their brothers can get a better education because they are the ones who would get a job and run the finances of the family tomorrow.

In a world where women are ruling the countries, hold significant positions whether it’s politics, business, entertainment or any other fields of work, their simultaneously exist societies where women are still confined to their houses.

Well let’s not go too far, just look around your own personal surrounding, you must have heard your mothers and fathers saying, “You should know how to cook and clean the house, you’re a girl” ; “you should dress up nice and pretty, you’re a girl” ; “you should not stay out till late, you’re a girl”…..on and on it goes. The society has made a specific set of norms and rules for the female gender in the name of their safety and security. What we are forgetting here is that we don’t need saving, we’re WOMEN, we are born with the instinct and talent to save ourselves. From the day we’re born to our last breath, the amount of sacrifices and struggles we face, make us stronger, with every scar comes a new lesson and a new strength. Every phase of life gets a new challenge for us, be it the time a girl starts her menstrual cycle, the first time a man assaults her(sexually or physically, happens to every second woman out there), the time she makes a career choice(hope she’s not invading a man’s land by picking up a “manly” profession), the time she gives birth to a new life. A woman gets stronger with each passing phase, stronger by mind and heart. Therefore, she doesn’t need a man to save her, she’s been through worse.

All a woman truly needs is Respect, Love and Equality. And not just for this one day of the year, but every single day we should celebrate the spirit of a woman. It’s high time, more than ever that we stop fooling ourselves, ignoring the reality in the name of progressive world and actually get together and build a society that respects the sacrifices of a woman, values her opinion and follows her lead. A woman with an educated strong mind leads to a better future. As said by Brigham Young, “You educate a man, educate an individual. You educate a woman, you educate a generation.”

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