Spring Summer 2018

Spring is already here and its all about new beginnings, life regenerating from the dead white spell in most parts of the world. This is my favourite time of the year, when everything seems so fresh and full of positive energies, a whole year ahead filled with opportunities and optimism.

Also being a very important time of the year for the fashion world, with the London Fashion Week, 2018 successfully completing last week and much awaited Milan Fashion Week, 2018 wrapping up today. Let’s have a look what this year has in store for us when it comes to fashion.

It’s going to be a bright and colorful year for the designers across the globe. The desire for colorful self-expression is a key take away for Spring 2018. The most dominant colors that constitute the Pantone color palette of the year are Cherry tomato, Nile green, Ash rose, Palace blue, Meadowlark(bright yellow), Pink lavender, Ultra violet.


Although we have a range of colors to play around with, we still have the color that’s going to dominate this year’s fashion scene. The color selected as the color of the year is ULTRA VIOLET – 18-3838.


That being said about the colors for this year’s fashion scenes, now let’s give a look at the highlights of this season’s recently done Milan Fashion Week. I’ve picked 2 couture collection which were the highlights of this season in Milan.

GUCCI  – There’s just no way you cannot talk about the sensational highlight of the Milan Fashion Week. With clothing inspired from different cultures, a procession of transhumans, walking in translike step through a suite of operating theatres, Alessandro Michelle has taken the creative fashion to another level. The designer’s vision was to convey how lives of people today are wired by technology. In my personal opinion it was sensational but in a creepy way, as you see models carrying the exact replicas of their heads, fake baby dragons and snakes.


DOLCE & GABBANA – It’s all about prints and bold colors paired with loud, exaggerated accessories at the runway when it comes to designer label Dolce and Gabbana. Their latest collection had it all from exquisite velvet fabrics, heavy embroideries to cheap profane slogans on sweatshirts and motifs picked from the aesthetics of a souvenir stall. All in all it was a beautiful fashion devotion show.



These were my personal favourites and also the among the most talked about collections in Milan Fashion Week, Spring Summer 2018.

Well these runway fashion highlights can obviously not be carried in our day to day practical life. But we sure can steal some ideas as to what spring fashion can be accommodated in our wardrobes. The fresh soothing colors this season(as mentioned above) and also floral prints are the things to follow. I would love to talk about the kind of prints and motifs that should be followed in more detail in my next article. Until then just stay stylish, fashion will follow 😉

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