Being your own Stylist.

We’ve all got that hidden fashionista in us. I mean look at yourself, I’m sure each one of us has stood in front of the mirror trying on different things, experimenting with clothes, hair, makeup and all. Sometimes it sure doesn’t turn out to be a big hit but hellooo… that doesn’t mean you stop trying. All you need is a little guidance and you’ll rock it AF.

So I’m gonna share some very useful styling tips that surely work for any body type. These are very basic things which sometimes we don’t realize make a hell lot difference in the overall appearance. So here they are,

  1. The half tucked-in shirt – this is my personal favorite for a cool chic look. The shirt/top can be half tucked-in in mainly two different styles, the front center tuck-in or the one side tuck-in style. It’s simple and gives you a cool sexy look.
  2. The Denim love – We all have that one denim over-sized shirt in our wardrobes [if not, you’ll surely find it in your elder brother’s or boyfriend’s wardrobe ;)] Denim shirts never go out of fashion, and you don’t really have to wear it the old classic way. Just play and experiment with it, for example, you can make a denim dress out of that shirt. Just by adding a thin belt at the waist, folding the sleeves, you got it all right girl. Pair it with sneakers for a very casual cool look or pull it off with a pair of heals for a semi-casual date 😉 you’ll surely sweep him off his feet. 


  3. The folded hem – Now this is a very minute thing and we often tend to ignore it, but trust me ladies it surely enhances your overall appearance, making you look effortlessly stylish and cool. Folding the edge or hem of your pants especially when wearing with a pair of sneakers or ankle length boots, looks really cool and sexy.


  4. Get it right with a scarf – There are just unlimited things you can do with a scarf, and I’m talking about not just different ways you can wrap it around your neck but also use it as a head accessory. You can twist the scarf and wrap it around your head like a head band, giving you a boho chic look. Even simply wrapping it around your neck in different styles is also more of a safe option, something that always works well.


    So these are some very basic and effortless steps you can take to improve your overall appearance and look more stylish. Just try these tips along with a good doze of confidence coz at the end of the day a gal is always stylish and beautiful with the right amount of attitude and confidence.

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